Protective Dentistry

Protective Dentistry

Protective dentistry contains the applications of prevention of oral and dental diseases like tooth rot and gum infection which frequently seen before they occur. These applications begin 6 months after first eruption, are made lifelong. Protective dentistry applications require the cooperation between parents and dentist to protect the oral and dental health of child and whole family.

Basic Applications are Following:

  • To make habit of correct feeding and diet,
  • To make habit of regular tooth brushing and use of tooth rope,
  • Application of fluor preparations,
  • Periodical 6-month dentist check-up,
  • Considering the risk of tooth rot in person,
  • Considering of development of mouth and teeth,
  • Training of oral-dental health,
  • Applications of fissure crown,
  • Use of retainer for children.

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