Oral, Dental, Chin Diseases and Their Surgery

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Oral, Dental, Chin Diseases and Their Surgery

Oral surgery contains operations related with excision of related lesion occurred in tooth, jawbone, sinuses, gum and mouth mucosa. Our routine operations in our clinic are the implant, extraction of erupted and wisdom teeth, apical resection, root resection, cyst operations, lifting of sinus base, fracture therapy, bone augmentations, graft applications, vestibular deepening, correction of gum line of smiling. These applications are made after clinical and radiographic examination of related zone or, if necessary, after making a biopsy on the related zone under local anesthesia. After app. 7-10 days, the stitches are removed in a short time and the patients are called for periodic checks.

Some Therapies in the department of oral, dental, chin diseases and Surgery are the followings.

  • Tooth extraction,
  • Extraction of wisdom teeth,
  • Root end resection,
  • Implant operations,
  • Therapy of jaw bone fractures,
  • Orthodontic surgery,
  • Maxillary sinus operations,
  • Therapy of tumor and tumor-similar lesions of mouth and peripheral tissues,
  • Therapy of salivary gland diseases,
  • Therapy of chin and face ache and temporomandibular joint disorder,
  • Preparation of mouth for the prosthesis after the preprosthetic surgery,
  • Therapy of cysts in chin and peripheral tissues,
  • Therapy of odontogenic infections.

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