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What is implant? What Do We Do in Antalya İmplant Placement Center?

Implant is artificial tooth root which is placed in the jaw bone instead of missing teeth for the purpose of restoring the function and esthetics of tooth.

Implants provide tight replacement of artificial tooth roots which are made from titanium or zirkon ceramics in the jaw bone. After implants are placed in the bone (osseointegration), bridge, removable prosthesis and tooth are made on the implants.

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What are the advantages of implant?

Your healthy tooth is not affected,

Your prothesis is made fixed,

Continuously, your prosthesis that is made in the jaw bone, is not movable and bonds tightly,

Your jaw bone is preserved, teeth look like natural and esthetic.

Turkey dental implant
First, during the implant therapy, information is obtained about your general health status, if necessary, certain analysis is required (for diabetes, vein diseases, e.t.c.). Bone density is measured, then decision is made about the number and type of implants which will be placed. Formerly, implant therapy was not suitable for the patients who have lack of bone density and support, but in recent years, new technics are found to solve this problem with new surgical developments.
Dental implant is a structure which has a specific density and expansion, therefore placement of implant into the jaw bone need to be in the acceptable height and expansion. There is no age limit in the implant therapy as long as patient general health status is good, but it is not preferable for the very young patients who have not completed the bone development according to their health status.
You wouldn’t feel pain if proper surgical methods are applied in dental implants. During therapy, local anesthesia and sedation can be applied according to patient preference. After operation, pain can occur in the mouth similar to ache after extraction. Usually this ache can occur in the evening of the day when implant is placed. Painkillers can cure this pain. Mouth cavity has a high healing capability. May be Turkey Dental Implant will help you.
Recovery time is 3-6 months for upper jaw and 3 months for lower jaw. It can be reached to the implant through a small cut in a certain time and then a head of healing (gingiva former) is placed. Gingiva former can assist in shaping your gum. There are single-surgery implant applications, but binary-surgery applications are preferred to provide more improvement for mouth health during the implant applications.

FAQ about Implant

Tooth gum can be measured after gingiva former is placed.Measurement can be done 10 or 15 days later when gingiva former is placed.
Patient bone density and support may not able to be suitable for implant therapy, therefore bone support and density need to be achieved. After teeth are extracted, they leave a cavity in the form of a tooth root in the lower jaw. In order to fill and shape the cavity, under local anesthesia, artificial bone grafting surgery should be done with bone that should be taken from patient himself.
This duration can change according to your teeth and bone structure also determined therapy type. You can continue your daily life with temporary prothesis when it is desired.
This duration depends on your situation, needs and operation. An operation can take 10 minutes or 1 hour. Entire treatment can end with a single operation or continue a series of operation. Full recovery can take 3-4 months.Recovery can take 6 months if grafting(improving bone support) is done.
Patients can continue their daily life without any situation which is able to impede them from daily routine. Patient can not eat anything during 3 hours after operation, therefore it is recommended that patients should come to operation satiated. If you want, you will never stay without tooth during the therapy by using temporary prothesis.
* Improved an esthetic appearance,
* Improved chewing ability,
* Improved psychological health and social life,
* Healthy eating and balanced diet depends on improved chewing ability.
Implant therapy is performed by professional jaw surgeon.
No. If the number of missing tooth is more than one, two implants can be placed instead of two or four teeth due to the implant area.
Failing of implant therapy is impossible, if proper implant and technics are used, but failing situation usually occurs within three months, if proper technic is not used during the therapy. In such case, implant removes from its place and a new implant can place after bone is healed in the area.
Since beginning of 1800s, researches are continuing for the purpose of revealing a reliable implant. Today there are implants which are still on follow-up process since 35-40 years. You can ask for detailed information from our good dentists.
Dental implants are highly researched since years and made from materials which have no side effects. These materials are not made from any living organism. It’s not possible that the body refuses the implants by developing antibody against implants as it was in the heart and kidney transplants.
There is no proof in medical literature that implants can cause of cancer.
Implants survive longer when oral cleaning is made well. Implants can survive 30 years without any problem, if oral care is made well by the patients. Lifetime of implant is up to many factors. If oral care is made well, it can be used during the lifetime.

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