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What is The Esthetic Dentistry? Recommendations for Esthetic Dentistry in Antalya

Esthetic dentistry is a special kind of therapy. This work is made compatible with the face of the patient. Teeth have natural look by this therapy. Esthetic dentistry contains cosmetic practice too. We have good dentist in Antalya for esthetic dentistry. If you need good dentist for esthetic dentistry in Antalya call us.

Patient satisfaction after dental therapy is not up to the success of therapy only, but also concerned with the result of esthetic process. About esthetic the opinion of patient must be asked absolutely. his wishes must be noted down. In addition, during esthetic therapy, biological and functional point of view must be considered. Antalya esthetic dentistry is a wonderful way for looking better.

Under Which Conditions Can Esthetic Application Be Made?

  • In case of color change of teeth that occurs related to many reasons, or to the dark and colored teeth,
  • To the teeth in front zone which are broken because of accident,
  • To the tooth rot in front occurred related to many reasons,
  • To the teeth which have a bad look because of gum regression,
  • In case of esthetic shaping after gum therapy,
  • Shaping of front zone teeth which are lost related to many reasons. This application is made compatible with esthetic of lip and face.

Antalya esthetic dentistry

What is Porcelain Laminate?

Porcelain laminates are very suitable for a glittering smile. By this application, there is no need to cut out he tooth and to crown. This work provides time saving. In some cases there is no need to tooth wire. Porcelain laminates are a thin porcelain sheet, they are prepared in laboratory after measure and it’s stuck onto the front side of the tooth. Only a little preparation is made in front side of the tooth. So the original tooth isn’t damaged. Because the laminates look very nature, you get a permanent esthetics that you wish. Porcelain laminate is a way for making esthetic dentistry. If you need a better looking find Antalya esthetic dentistry center.

What is Composite Laminate?

As in the application of porcelain laminates, it’s made a limited mount of erosion only in the front side of the tooth. Without measuring, directly in the mouth, some color, form and position defects can be corrected with tooth-colored composite filling material. This is such a method that is applied in a more shorter time (in a single sitting) which is cheaper than porcelain laminates. For one tooth 20-30 minutes are enough and the result is obtained immediately.

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What Are The Esthetic Dentistry Applications?

  • Bleaching,
  • Veneer (composite or porcelain laminate),
  • Full porcelain crowns or bridges,
  • Porcelain fillings compatible with color of tooth,
  • Gum shaping,
  • Orthodontics,
  • Professional tooth cleaning.

How is Gum Shaping Made?

Gum shaping, known as “Gingivectomy”, is esthetically correction of gum, in case that the gum looks protruded, or the gum is asymmetric because the height of tooth is short. With the applications by gum specialists, height of tooth can be lengthened or gum can be brought into symmetric form.

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