Endodontics- What is Endodontics Treatment?

Why Canal Therapy? Recommendations for Canal Therapy in Antalya

In the case of damages on the smooth tooth surface the teeth had been extracted due to the former methods. But in today’s technology, thanks to the canal therapy, extraction is not the single solution.

Canal therapy is necessary, if the living tissue or pulpa in the root canals of tooth, in the other name nerves, are inflamed or will not be able to live. Because this tissue has no ability to self-renewing and to self-repairing, differently than other tissues in the body. Deep rots, filling in the tooth, tooth cutting, breaks and cracks on the tooth cause inflammation of pulpa. In addition to this, tooth traumas can cause the inflammation or damage of pulpa either, even if there is no crack or rot in the tooth. If inflamed pulpa is not treated, this causes ache and abscess.

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canal therapy Antalya


  • Long term sensitivity against hot and cold,
  • Pain during chewing or difficult chewing,
  • Instantaneous ache, ache that begins especially at night,
  • Color change in tooth, swelling, ache in lymph nodes in the zone close to tooth or swelling noticed by hand.


All dentists learn the basic rules and practice of canal therapy. But the patients are usually treated by endodontist. who is specialist of this therapy. If do you have any questions for endodontics or canal therapy in Antalya, you may contact us.

Canal Therapy FAQs

Endodontist removes inflamed or damaged pulp (vein-nerve system) in the root canal of tooth, fills up the root canal after he cleans and shapes the root canals carefully. After canal therapy, filling or porcelain crown is made. After all these processes, the tooth functions as other teeth.
Thanks to modern anesthesia technics and materials, pain is in the minimum degree during therapy. A few days after therapy, pain or sensitivity can occur in the teeth. Against all these complications your dentist can recommend you to take analgesic medicine.
Some teeth can not be saved with canal therapy. Impossibility of entering into the canals, also the breaks in the roots and insufficient bone support are the reasons for this. Some damages are so strong that the tooth cannot be restored.
The opinion “canal therapy kills the tooth” is incorrect. After the removal of the living tissue in the tooth through canal therapy, sensitivity of tooth increases against hot and cold. But it functions on through veins or nerves that come from the jaw bone and peripheral tissues, it bonds in the bone. You can chew or use your tooth easily as a leg of prosthesis through proper filling or a restoration after therapy.

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