Conservative Dental Therapy in Antalya

Diagnose and Therapy of Dental Diseases

Conservative Dental Therapy is a branch of dentistry that purposes the early therapy of rots on the surface of tooth and the protection of the vitality of tooth by stopping the development of rotting.

Cavities in teeth are filled up with the restorative and materials for esthetics like amalgam (black) fillings and composite (white) fillings after cleaning from rot.

Conservative Dental Therapy Alternatives:

  • Composite fillings: These are the polymer basics, esthetic, tooth-colored fillings that are used for front and back group teeth. Composite fillings are placed into the prepared cavity layer by layer, hardened under special light.
  • Inlay and only: These are the porcelain fillings prepared in the laboratory due to measure. Prepared filling is stuck onto the cavity with special glues.
  • Amalgam fillings: These are the metal, colored fillings made from mercury-, silver-, tin-, copper mix. This kind of filling is not preferable because of its color.
conservative-dental-therapy in Antalya


Because of a deep rot trauma in tooth or broken tooth, an indication of canal therapy in tooth can be necessary. Endodontic therapy is the sub branch of dentistry concerned with the therapy of tooth enamel that is called pulp of tooth, consists of nerves and veins, and with the periodical tissue diseases and their therapy. The purpose of canal therapy is to save the tooth by extracting infected and damaged pulp tissue, and to threaten, if it’s infected, and to fill the empty canals with a special filling material.

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